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Customer Insight - Understanding your customer's needs


Customers are a company's most valuable assets. Without them there is no business. Customer satisfaction based on meeting or exceeding expectations is essential for long-term survival. However, achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty no longer depend exclusively on maintaining the quality and value of your products or services.

Customers place increasing value on the intangible aspects of their relationships with suppliers, which can be both more difficult to understand and more liable to change. Customer requirements change in response to the pressures placed on them, but are also significantly influenced by offers made by competitors. In today's dynamic markets it is essential to monitor the evolution of customer needs and the performance of the competition.

Internal sources of customer intelligence cannot provide you with an unbiased and ongoing understanding of current and potential customers needs. Nor can they track your customers' perceptions of your performance and compare you with your key competitors. This is where Goulden Reports can help.