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Our Approach

Customer Insight - Understanding your customer's needs


Goulden Reports has built a high level of expertise in providing clients with data that identify customer requirements and monitor customer satisfaction and loyalty. Goulden Reports customer surveys are designed to help you understand your company's brand/corporate awareness, in absolute terms and relative to the competition:

Studying the performance of competitors is an essential part of the process. Customers can become aware of exceptional performance by competitors and may be drawn towards them even if their current supplier is performing well. Equally, they may remain loyal even though they are not fully satisfied because they know that the competition is no better.

At Goulden Reports we pride ourselves on our ability to customise our approach to meet your needs. In addition to the core components described above we can expand the analysis to cover topics which deepen your understanding of the market situation and enhance your ability to define solutions that will strengthen relationships with existing customers and increase market penetration. These topics include:

The information gathered would enable you to focus your efforts on those areas that have the greatest impact on customer retention and acquisition, thus improving business performance. Goulden Reports can also help you to develop a winning product or service strategy by providing you with data on the product and service levels that generate the highest satisfaction amongst customers. This research approach uses conjoint analysis to measure the values attached to product/service attributes and levels.