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Market Information for the World’s Electrical Industry

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Goulden Reports

Research Services for the World's Electricity, Electrical Equipment and Utility Industries

Goulden Reports is a research company with over 40 years of experience in the analysis and interpretation of the world's electricity and electrical equipment markets. Goulden Reports has carried out in-depth surveys of highly specialised electrical markets throughout the world, both for individual clients and as part of multi-client projects.

In addition to its custom-designed research services, Goulden Reports publishes a series of acclaimed biennial reports covering specific electrical industry sectors. These unique studies are used by senior managers at all the major companies as standard and invaluable references to assist in the formulation of their global market strategies.

Goulden Reports offers a distinctive choice of service, to suit any combination of research budget and information requirement:

Published Reports: Goulden Reports regularly publishes a series of world and regional reports covering a wide range of electrical equipment markets and the electricity supply industry. Known and respected throughout the world, the reports provide an accurate, low cost first stage analysis of every national market.

Multi-Client Surveys: For more detailed information on markets of topical interest, Goulden Reports undertakes multi-client surveys. The cost of a detailed study of a specific market, perhaps covering several countries, is shared by a small number of subscribing companies. Goulden Reports' experience in client relations and expertise in co-ordinating in-depth research over a wide area make this a cost-effective way to meet detailed information needs.

Ad Hoc Studies: Custom designed research to solve specific marketing problems quickly and confidentially. Goulden Reports' research skills and market knowledge ensure that accurate and relevant information is collected to develop innovative marketing solutions.