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Market Information for the World’s Electrical Industry

One Global Market or Many Regional Islands

Our approach to surveys


Our surveys are not dry, statistical reports, but combine insightful quantitative data with a qualitative understanding of why customers hold the perceptions they do.

We work very closely with our clients during the research process. Following a briefing meeting, where we discuss the research objectives, Goulden Reports sets out all research parameters in a proposal, which once accepted becomes the blueprint for the project.

A team of researchers, with the required industry or language expertise, is then assigned to work on your project. Trained and experienced interviewers carry out the interviews in the native language of the countries surveyed.

1. Research Team Briefing

2. Questionnaire Design

3. Data Collection

4. Analysis and Report Writing

5. Presentation

The scope of Goulden Reports' research capabilities is international, with multilingual staff to cover all major European languages.

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