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Market Information for the World’s Electrical Industry

One Global Market or Many Regional Islands



Goulden Reports uses its industry knowledge, proven methodologies and experienced global staff to deliver value to its clients in three basic forms:

Published Reports

Goulden Reports publishes a regular series of world and regional reports covering a wide range of electrical and utility equipment markets and energy sectors. Known and respected throughout the world, the reports provide an accurate, low cost first stage analysis of every national market.

For more information please visit our Publications Library. To purchase full reports, follow

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For all other market information needs please Contact Us, or use the Online Enquiry Form.

Proprietary Consulting

Goulden Reports' proprietary consultation methods include the following:


There are two basic approaches to proprietary consulting - the 'Quick Enquiry Service' and 'In-depth Analysis'. Please visit our Proprietary Consulting section for details.

Customer Satisfaction


Our Customer Tracking programme is a proven method for understanding and monitoring Customer Satisfaction and loyalty, providing strategic insights based on expectations and perceptions.

Customer Satisfaction research findings can provide the foundation for customer service strategies and customer loyalty and retention programmes.

Each study is tailored to suit the client's individual needs. For further information on our Customer Satisfaction services, please contact us on +44 1672 513316, or fill out our Online Enquiry Form.