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Market Information for the World’s Electrical Industry

One Global Market or Many Regional Islands

Our Problem Solving Approach


Goulden Reports' proprietary studies are custom designed to solve specific marketing problems.

Projects are run as a partnership with the client, enabling the research team to use its skills to a maximum effect, and resulting in relevant information being gathered that can be verified immediately by the client.

Research projects start with the preparation of a proposal aimed at identifying the research objectives and the research techniques that are best suited. The proposal is based on a detailed briefing by the client and becomes the blueprint for the project.

In addition to the data specified in the proposal, the reports include an interpretation of the market environment, as identified by the research and, if required, recommendations on the specific marketing actions the clients should take.

Research Techniques

Goulden Reports uses all of the main qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques including:

The specific research services we offer include:

If you would like more information about Goulden Reports proprietary consulting services, or if you would like us to prepare a proposal for a single client study, please call us on +44 1672 513316 Alternatively you can fill in our online enquiry form to include details of your requirements, which we will respond to immediately.

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