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Market Information for the World’s Electrical Industry

One Global Market or Many Regional Islands


Market information for the world’s Electrical Industry

Following a survey sponsored by the International Copper Association (ICA) - into the global demand in MVA for power and distribution transformers; with the kind permission of the ICA the headline results were presented in a webinar organised by Leonardo Energy.

Click the following link for a free summary:-

We have also formed a relationship with a fellow publishing company based in the United States of America to share information and marketing resources and we have added a selection of their reports to our website.  The publishing remit of Amadee & Co is broader than that of Goulden Reports and the reports we have selected are those we feel will be of interest to the Goulden Reports client base.

The reports are listed below and the link to Amadee and Co for a full list of their publications is:-


Our MD attended and gave a paper at the 2015 INMR World Congress in Munich based on our latest Insulators and Bushings report.  To see and download a copy of that presentation click here…

He is again presenting to the 2017 INMR WORLD CONGRESS Nov 5-8, 2017 in Sitges-Barcelona, Spain and would be pleased to meet and greet existing (and potentially new) clients and friends there during that event.

We have introduced a series of Global Summary Reports that are designed for those clients that do not need individual country data but only global or regional granularity.  These reports cover the same product areas and segmentations but are more concise, easier to manipulate and are priced accordingly at less than half the cost of the full global equivalent report.

The first 7 titles are published now and are available immediately.  These cover:-

During 2016 and 2017 we updated our reports covering Transformers, Insulators and Bushings, Rotating Machines, T&D Equipment & Systems and HV Switchgear; these reports are now available immediately. We also produced 2 new reports one covering Transformer Components and the other encompassing Substations and Switchyard Equipment The titles are:-


Global Summary Report
T&D Equipment & Systems 2015 - 2025

Global Summary Report
Transformers 2015 - 2025

Global Summary Report
HV Insulators and Bushings 2015 - 2025

Global Summary Report
HV Switchgear 2012 - 2022

Global Summary Report
Cables and Overhead Lines 2012 - 2022

Global Summary Report
Industrial Motors 2012 - 2020

Global Summary Report
Industrial Generators and Gensets 2012 - 2020

All are priced at £1,500.00 per copy supplied in PDF Format.

For individual brochures, sample pages and order forms please visit the section on this web site or email your request to sales@gouldenreports.org