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Goulden Reports Quick Enquiry Service


This flexible service is the ideal way to explore an area without committing to a major research effort. Our clients benefit from priority service, discounted professional fees, fast turnaround and instant access to all our global resources.

The Goulden Reports enquiry service offers immediate answers to a range of marketing problems and questions. The service can either be carried out on a pay-as-you-go basis, or on a more long-term partnership basis, where clients pay a lump sum fee in advance. This is then drawn down according to the amount of time devoted to each enquiry. The scale of the advance fee is related to the amount of work clients feel they may require in the course of a six or twelve month period. Once the initial fee is used up an additional fee can be paid to continue the service.

The enquiry service is designed to cover work efforts usually requiring no more than a few person-days of time each. The enquiry service can be used to fulfil a wide range of research requirements including:

For further information on the Goulden Reports enquiry service, please contact us
on +44 1672 513316 or send details of your request using our Online Enquiry Form.